Pulse type bag filter

Air box pulse bag filter is a high-efficiency dust collector. It integrates the advantages of various dust collectors with chamber back blowing and pulse dust cleaning, overcomes the shortcomings of insufficient chamber back blowing dust cleaning intensity, pulse dust cleaning and filtration at the same time, and greatly improves dust removal efficiency. It is a large-scale dust removal equipment with large air volume, good dust removal effect, high dust removal efficiency, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and small footprint. It is widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery and civil boiler waste gas dust collection. ★Product Structure The dust collector is mainly composed of an upper box, a middle box, an ash hopper, a side air inlet uniform flow settling chamber, a bracket, a filter bag, a skeleton, a blowing system, a dust cleaning solenoid valve, a pneumatic off-line dust cleaning and air closing valve, a control system, and a dust unloading device. ★Product performance and characteristics 1. The structure has high dust removal efficiency, and the fan air volume and full pressure are reasonably selected to ensure the dust removal effect of each node of the production line. 2. Ash cleaning is carried out in different chambers in turn, that is, so-called off-line ash cleaning. When a certain chamber carries out ash cleaning by spraying, the filtering air flow is cut off, thus avoiding the secondary flying of dust caused by spraying ash cleaning. ★Equipment selection and technical parameters ★Parts related technical parameters

Bottom-turning hydraulic box turning machine

The Bottom-turning Hydraulic Box Turning Machine is a highly efficient and versatile piece of equipment designed for precision flipping and positioning of large, heavy boxes or containers. Equipped with robust hydraulic systems, it ensures smooth and safe operations as it rotates items through 180 degrees for bottom-up processing or loading. This machine significantly reduces manual labor, enhances productivity, and guarantees consistent results in various industries requiring inversion of packages or goods. It's built with durability and ease-of-use in mind, ensuring a reliable and efficient solution for your production line's turning needs.

Top-turning hydraulic box turning machine

The top-turning hydraulic box turning machine is the equipment used in the black area production line in the field of lost foam casting to turn over boxes and drop sand parts. Because of its characteristics of online box turning and box turning to complete the return of sand boxes, it has the characteristics of fast box turning frequency and high degree of automation. The equipment uses hydraulic energy to convert into mechanical energy to realize the operation of the equipment, which has good environmental adaptability and stable operation effect. Clamping is carried out in the form of clamping the channel steel flange on the top of the sand box, which is mostly used in the production line of pallet sand box and the site where the sand box cannot be turned over.

Water-cooled sand drop

The sand drop device is used to collect sand. When the sand box is turned over and the sand drops, the molding sand enters the sand drop device from the sand drop hole of the upper screen plate, and the castings are received on the screen plate. The equipment is divided into ordinary sand cooler and water cooler. ★Product Structure Ordinary sand falling device is mainly composed of sieve plate and cone bucket. ★Product performance and characteristics The water-cooled sand cooler is mainly composed of a common sand cooler and a water-cooled unit. The water-cooled unit is formed by staggered welding of seamless steel pipes, which can fully contact with the molding sand and quickly cool the molding sand. ★Equipment selection and technical parameters Model Overall dimension mm Sand storage m ³ Remarks ROLS-Ⅰ(01) 1920*2100*800 0.7 Ordinary sand falling device ROLS-Ⅰ(02) 2500*2274*1000 0.88 Ordinary sand falling device ROLS-Ⅱ(01) 1920*2100*850 0.72 Water-cooled sand drop ROLS-Ⅱ(02) 2500*2274*1000 0.88 Water-cooled sand drop (Parameters are for reference only, slightly modified, not marked)

Screening conveyor

The screening conveyor uses a vibration motor as the vibration source to make the materials be thrown up and move forward in a straight line at the same time. The materials smaller than the screen seam fall to the lower layer through the screen seam to achieve the purpose of conveying and screening. The motor position can be assembled on the upper, lower or side. The model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low energy consumption, no dust overflow, low noise, etc. ★Product Structure This machine is mainly composed of sieve box, rib sieve plate, vibration motor, spring, base, blower, etc. ★Product performance and characteristics 1. Screening and conveying function: The screening conveyor is used to screen the sintered paint fragments, iron beans and other sundries in the old sand. 2. Cooling function: the material sieve has a long flowing line, which can quickly and efficiently reduce the temperature of molding sand. It is specially designed for dry sand in our factory. A high-efficiency and energy-saving sand screening equipment developed for the production of pressure casting. 3. It has reliable structure, strong excitation force, high screening efficiency, low vibration and noise, sturdy and durable, and convenient maintenance Features such as safety in use. ★Equipment selection and technical parameters Model Conveying capacity m3/h Overall dimension mm Sieve surface size Vibration motor power Kw Fan power Kw ROSF-Ⅰ 8 2000*1100*1000 490*1750 0.75*2 None ROSF-Ⅱ 8 4000*1000*1000 490*2950 1.1*2 0.75 ROSF-Ⅲ 16 4000*1300*1200 890*2950 2.2*2 0.75 ROSF-Ⅳ 25 4000*1500*1200 1240*3300 3*2 0.75 (Parameters are for reference only, slightly modified, not marked)

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