Negative pressure distributor

The negative pressure distributor is used to connect the negative pressure unit with the sand box. The negative pressure distributor distributes the vacuum degree generated by the negative pressure unit reasonably, and then distributes it to each required vacuum point. To ensure the negative pressure in the sand box during pouring, and equipped with a regulating valve and pressure gauge, through the regulating valve to ensure that the negative pressure in the sand box meets the pouring requirements, to ensure that the box does not collapse, no back spray, to ensure safe production. ★Product Structure The negative pressure distributor is composed of a distributor main pipe, an air inlet, a manual butterfly valve, a pressure regulating port, a vacuum gauge, and a drainage ball valve. ★Product performance and characteristics The negative pressure distributor is simple and compact in structure, economical and applicable, easy to install and convenient to maintain. ★Equipment selection and technical parameters Specifications and models Name Pair Interface Quantity Manual Butterfly valve Pipe diameter Overall dimension ROFP-Ⅰ(01) Three positions Distributor 3 DN80 140mm 2250 × 720 × 780 ROFP-Ⅰ(02) Six stations Distributor 6 DN80 140mm 3650 × 720 × 780 ROFP-Ⅱ On-line distributor and pouring position Consistent quantity DN80 Matching with negative pressure pipeline Determined by pouring line layout (Parameters are for reference only, slightly modified, not marked)

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