Bottom-turning hydraulic box turning machine

The Bottom-turning Hydraulic Box Turning Machine is a highly efficient and versatile piece of equipment designed for precision flipping and positioning of large, heavy boxes or containers. Equipped with robust hydraulic systems, it ensures smooth and safe operations as it rotates items through 180 degrees for bottom-up processing or loading. This machine significantly reduces manual labor, enhances productivity, and guarantees consistent results in various industries requiring inversion of packages or goods. It's built with durability and ease-of-use in mind, ensuring a reliable and efficient solution for your production line's turning needs.

Top-turning hydraulic box turning machine

The top-turning hydraulic box turning machine is the equipment used in the black area production line in the field of lost foam casting to turn over boxes and drop sand parts. Because of its characteristics of online box turning and box turning to complete the return of sand boxes, it has the characteristics of fast box turning frequency and high degree of automation. The equipment uses hydraulic energy to convert into mechanical energy to realize the operation of the equipment, which has good environmental adaptability and stable operation effect. Clamping is carried out in the form of clamping the channel steel flange on the top of the sand box, which is mostly used in the production line of pallet sand box and the site where the sand box cannot be turned over.

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