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Paint mixer
Paint mixer
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Paint mixer


Key words:

  • Product Description
  • ★ Product overview

    The equipment is mainly used for the mixing of yellow area coatings in the field of lost foam casting. It has the characteristics of large mixing volume, short mixing time, simple structure, easy operation and easy maintenance. At the same time, it can control the mixing speed of the mixing shaft by frequency conversion. It is the main processing of yellow area coatings. equipment.

     Product Structure  

    The paint mixer is mainly composed of a mixing barrel, a mixing shaft combination, and a motor reducer.

    ★ Product performance and characteristics

    1, the equipment for the first time in the field of lost concrete mixing industry using shell type coupling for reducer and mixing shaft connection, greatly improving the running stability of the mixing shaft.

    2. The reducer adopts helical gear reducer, which has the characteristics of large radial load, high strength, small volume and low noise.

    3. The stirring blade adopts circular blade type. After experiments and long-term use, it is proved that this type of blade has the characteristics of good stirring and dispersion effect, small suction volume, easy dispersion and difficult to bubble.

    4, magnetic starter control, the motor overload, phase failure protection.

    ★ Equipment selection and technical parameters



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