• Product Description
  • ★ Product overview

    The equipment is mainly used for foam model cutting in white area of lost foam casting field. The height of resistance wire is changed by shaking the handles on both sides, and foam cutting and square cutting are carried out. More models can be cut through self-made tooling. It has the characteristics of flexibility, simple operation, easy to use and convenient maintenance. It is an indispensable cutting equipment for lost foam white area.

    ★ Product Structure

    The manual foam cutting table is mainly composed of a table body, a longitudinal movement combination, a cross bar, a pressure regulator and cutting auxiliary materials (resistance wire, spring, fish mouth clip).

    ★ Product performance and characteristics

    1, The equipment is an indispensable cutting equipment for the white mold workshop in the field of lost-form, with flexible application and easy operation.The characteristics of the low manual requirements.

    2. The cutting machine can complete cutting of various shapes with auxiliary tooling, such as cuboid, cylinder, cone,spheres, etc.

    3. Convenient maintenance. The longitudinal screw of the equipment adopts trapezoidal thread nut to match the lifting. Both ends are driven by bearings. OnlyButter needs to be added regularly to ensure the ease of operation of the equipment.

    ★ Equipment selection and technical parameters



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