Interpretation of the fully automatic production line of vanising mold

In recent years, our countryAutomatic Production Line of Lost-in-time MoldsIt has developed rapidly and has improved significantly compared with the previous two years. The development trend is gratifying, so today we will take a specific understanding of the lost foam automatic production line.

The structure of the fully automatic production line of lost foam is not limited by the lost foam process, the production cycle is short, the production efficiency is high, sand mixing/core reduction/demoulding/box closing/analysis is not required, it is convenient for group casting and multiple casting of one box, the reliability design is completed, and forging damage and waste caused by factors such as core reduction/demoulding/box closing are prevented.

According to the lost foam mold process, a foam solid model is first made, a special architectural coating is applied to it, dried and put into a special sand box, dry sand is added, poured under vacuum packaging, the solid model is evaporated, the solid model is replaced by the metal material, the same casting as the foam mold is imitated, the vacuum pump is released after cold doubt, and then the casting is taken out from the loose sand to start the next circulation system.

In order to avoid high temperature melting of molten steel and other solid models in the same small box, the runner section should be the lower part of all box castings, and forging of solid models in the runner should be avoided.

When pouring, pay attention to control the working pressure of the negative pressure vacuum pump within a certain range. After concrete pouring, it should be kept under certain negative pressure for a period of time before termination.

ActuallyAutomatic Production Line of Lost-in-time MoldsThere are many names for this product, two of which are commonly used are "dry sand solid forging" and "negative pressure solid forging", commonly known as EPS forging.

Most of the products produced by the fully automatic production line of lost foam have the characteristics of accurate casting limit, good repeatability and meticulous forging. Lost foam solves the defects or waste caused by appearance core reduction because it does not need appearance core reduction. There is no need to close the box to buckle the box, which prevents defects or waste such as burrs and burrs displayed in the closed box and improves the product accuracy.

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