Process flow of lost vanising mould


The lost foam casting production line is called the green casting of the 21st century, and many foundries are directly converted to lost foam casting. Because most of the lost vanishing die forging equipment is not necessarily understoodlost-form processThe popularity of the lost foam process is not in place, so there are still many foundries that have many problems in the entire lost foam process.

1. Lost mold process-white mold

Finished or purchased white molds are combined according to the requirements of castings, bonded with cold glue or hot melt glue, repaired with EPC repair paste, and then coated and dried. In this process, pay attention to the density of the white mold, the use of glue, the use of repair paste, whether the quality of the coating suitable for the casting has been achieved, and the temperature and humidity of the drying room.

  2.lost-form process-- Packaging

Place the sand box on the vibration table, put the EPC model in the sand box after drying, and arrange the clusters reasonably according to the size of the sand box.

The sand box shall be compacted and filled to the full with sand return system. After filling, the clinker cloth is laid flat on top and covered with sand.

During the next period, it should be noted that a layer of sand should be laid at the bottom of the sand box, and the clustering of the model should be reasonably planned. Half of the small pieces can be placed in 2 layers and the large pieces can be placed in 1 layer. The flow process of molten iron should be planned to see if there is any gap of iron leakage. Some castings should pay attention to the inclination. During the whole process, the platform should be vibrated 2-3 times.

3. Lost mold process-vacuuming

The sand box is transported to the vacuum or pouring area, and the pouring bag is placed at the gate.

Pay more attention to the pressure when vacuuming. Different castings require different pressures.

  4.lost-form processProcess

The molten iron melted by the electric furnace is introduced into the pouring riser, the sand box is transported to the sand drop area, the castings are discharged, and the sand enters the circulation system.

The whole production process is not complicated,lost-form processRequirements are the focus.


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