Take you to understand the lost foam automatic production line casting workshop


  Automatic Production Line of Lost-in-time MoldsThe environment of the foundry workshop is very critical, because the demand for the lost foam process environment still needs to be standardized, which also needs to comply with the national environmental protection policy, dust removal and less exhaust emissions, which is one of the advantages of the lost foam automatic production line foundry workshop. The following small series accordingAutomatic Production Line of Lost-in-time MoldsMake a specific story for everyone.

1. Polystyrene foam is completely harmless to the environment at low temperatures, its density is small, the molding labor intensity is low, the environment is good, and the molding process is easy to achieve clean production.

2. Lost foam casting simplifies the process of core making and sand treatment, with small handling capacity between processes, reduced labor intensity, and easy realization of mechanized and automated production.

3. Due to the use of dry sand molding with good fluidity, the sand mixing equipment is reduced, and the modeling compact equipment is simplified, thus greatly reducing noise and dust, and the old sand reuse equipment is also greatly simplified.

4, due to no core, at the same time to achieve the precision of the casting, cleaning workload, workshop noise, dust is also reduced.

5, CO and other waste gas treatment capacity is relatively small. When pouring, the white mold is decomposed and gasified by heat, and the waste gas generated enters the wet dust collector for water bath treatment through vacuum pumping, and then the steam-water separator is separated again, and the separated waste gas is discharged into the atmosphere.

6, the whole article.Automatic Production Line of Lost-in-time MoldsEquipped with dust removal system, each equipment room is equipped with air volume control valve; dust concentration is lower than the national standard.

7, casting sand in the lost foam automatic production line between the equipment closed processing, truly "no dust in the air, no sand on the ground".

Anyway,Automatic Production Line of Lost-in-time MoldsFoundry is a kind of nearly no margin of liquid metal precise molding technology, it is considered to be "the 21st century new lost foam process" and "lost foam casting in the green project".


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