Take you to understand the coating of lost foam casting equipment.

The production line of the lost-form equipment is produced.Lost foam casting equipmentCoating is a kind of refractory coating, usually by refractory design materials, carrier (solvent), binder, suspending agent, surfactant, thixotropic agent and its important components. Materials with refractory properties include corundum/silica sand/bauxite/zircon sand/kaolin clinker/diatomite/magnesia, etc. According to the study found for different alloy structural materials, need to be made of different refractory materialsLost foam casting equipmentPaint. Also of particular interest is the shape, thickness and distribution of the refractory particles.

There are two kinds of inorganic binder, inorganic binder for high temperature binder, raw material is clay/bentonite/water glass/silica sol/acid salt/polymeric aluminum sulfate, etc. The inorganic binder is a low-temperature binder, and the raw materials are syrup/starch/polyvinyl alcohol/gum/polyvinyl acetate solution/water-soluble phenolic resin, etc.

  Lost foam casting equipmentThe coating has high strength and hardness. It can be deformed by the mold, but it will not be destroyed by sand. Useful for interior decoration. The fire resistance is very strong, and the surface of the casting is not sticky sand. The coating of lost foam casting equipment has good air permeability. In the casting process, the mold gasification product can be quickly exported.

The coating adhesion of the lost foam casting equipment produced by the lost foam equipment production line is strong, and the coating used in the production is strong.Lost foam casting equipmentThe paint will cause the paint to crack and fall off. The coating performance of the lost foam casting equipment is good, the coating process is very convenient, and the coating thickness is appropriate. The matte paint has good sintering and peeling properties, so after pouring, the shell of the matte paint is easy to fall off, the surface is smooth and complete, and the product effect is good.


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