How to Control the Electronic Control System of Lost-in-process Molding Equipment Production Line

  Lost-in-time mold equipment production lineUsing programmable automatic program control, with automatic and manual switching function.Lost-in-time mold equipment production lineThe start and stop of each unit device in can realize the following operations: Press the general start button. When the entire production line of the lost-form equipment is automatically powered on in sequence and meets the stop conditions, the entire line will be automatically shut down. However, if a unit equipment does not meet the shutdown conditions, the equipment can continue to operate, and will be completely shut down after the conditions are met.

When shutting down after work, press the total stop button and the whole line will stop in turn.Lost-in-time mold equipment production lineInterlocking protection function for each unit equipment. When the whole line or unit equipment is running, if any of the equipment does not stop, the equipment will display a red light. At this time, the equipment in front of the faulty equipment will stop immediately, and the subsequent equipment will operate normally. So as to avoid the occurrence of equipment accidents and protect the overload operation of the equipment. The electric control of the whole line not only controls each unit equipment, but also controls the start-stop linkage of the material level device of the lost vanisher sand treatment equipment.

Advantages of environmental conditions in lost foam casting workshop;

(1) Polystyrene foam is completely harmless to the environment at low temperatures, with low density, low labor intensity, good environment, and easy to achieve clean production during the molding process.

(2) Lost foam casting simplifies the sand treatment process of core-making and lost foam sand treatment equipment, with less handling between processes and significantly reduced labor intensity, which is convenient for mechanized and automated production.

(3) Due to the use of dry sand molding with good fluidity, the sand mixing equipment is canceled, the molding compaction equipment is simplified, the noise and dust are reduced, and the used sand recovery equipment is also greatly simplified.

(4) Since the mold core is not used and the lost mold casting is refined at the same time, the cleaning workload is reduced, and the noise and dust in the workshop are also reduced accordingly.

  Lost-in-time mold equipment production lineCarbon monoxide and other exhaust gas less. During the casting process, the lost foam white zone equipment is pyrolyzed and gasified, and the waste gas generated enters the wet vacuum cleaner for water bath treatment, and the steam-water separator separates it again, and the separated waste gas is discharged into the air. The entire lost foam equipment production line is equipped with a dust removal system, and there is an air volume control valve between the equipment; the dust concentration is lower than the national standard.


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