Selection of Lost-in-process Molding Production Line


Because the country attaches great importance to environmental protection, environmental protection will be strictly controlledLost-in-process production lineTherefore, the lost form production line will take the environmental protection route in the future. With the rapid economic development of social science and technology and cultural industries, people's demand for casting technology is increasing, and the application of lost foam casting is becoming more and more common. Due to the complex market environment, systematic screening is particularly important. Vibrating screen, lifting roller, sand bin, vibrating platform and negative pressure system constitute the lost foam casting production line.

Lost foam casting process and a series of products. Can achieve no sand ground/dust-free air/environmental protection. For a smooth transition, ordinary foundries began to turnLost-in-process production lineProcess. So how do you choose a product? Here are some tips to help you!

Now everyone wants to buy a set of EPC equipment with superior performance, reliable quality and moderate price. At present, the price of door cranes on the market ranges from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions, with great differences. In general, the cost-effective lost model production line facilities are naturally higher. We should compare goods with goods, look at the pre-sale data and compare them, and comprehensively consider various factors such as workshop scale, electric furnace specific conditions, output value plan, castings, etc.

When choosing a foundry, we may need corresponding technical guidance when purchasing foundry production equipment. After all, the purpose of buying equipment is to make products smooth. If you spend millions on facilities and equipment, you will lose the foundry.

For the selection of the lost foam casting production line, if the casting sequence is mild and the workshop area is large, you need to choose a casting production line that can be mass-produced, such as a 10000t lost foam production line with a daily production of 30t castings. If the scale is medium and the workshop area is not large, you can choose to produce 6000t per year.Lost-in-process production line, Nissan 20t castings. Small-scale production line has 3000t. The entire production line should be selected according to the situation of the foundry itself.

There are many angles to be referred to in the selection of general contracting facilities and equipment. It is important to choose the hardware configuration based on the situation, and then see if the service provider has an adequate EPC experience. Only those who will vote can do better.


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