Take you to understand the lost vanish mold production line


Compared with the traditional sand casting process, the varieties and materials of lost foam products are more diversified, especially automotive aluminum alloy parts. Now, the application of lost foam casting is more and more, and the casting quality is good and the scrap rate is low. The reference process parameters of the disappearance casting process are the amount of modifier, casting wall thickness and pouring temperature, the casting strength and elongation of ZL102 alloy are selected as the evaluation index of casting mechanical performance, and the effect of casting process parameters on casting mechanical properties is studied by combining gray correlation method and orthogonal test. According to the average gray level of each coefficient andLost-in-process production lineto determine the degree of influence of each process parameter on the evaluation index and the excellent level of each process parameter.

InLost-in-process production lineOn, select a polystyrene board with a density of 31mm, process it into 18mm, 18mm and 14 m castings, and then dip-coat it with alumina water-based paint. After dip coating, it was dried in a TZJHK -101 -OS drying oven.In the lost pattern production lineThe open gating system with increased cross-sectional area from top to bottom is beneficial to ensure the compactness of the casting. Sampling and processing of tensile specimens are used in the middle of castings. The ternary sodium is selected as the modifier, and the sodium element in the ternary sodium can grow primary silicon, refine aluminum, and form a eutectic silicon structure.

Do you knowLost-in-process production lineSand processing equipment in?

InLost-in-process production lineFor this type of machine tool castings, foundries can generally use furan resin sand for full-mold casting, rarely through the use of vacuum dry sand lost foam casting. The first two casting methods are relatively mature, and the quality of the castings produced is safe and stable, but because both use resin adhesives, there are environmental problems, which is not conducive to the health of production workers.

According to the investigation, the complex gases and compounds generated in the production process of resin binders often have joint toxicity. People who work in this environment for a long time will not only be affected by sand casting dust, but may also have cardiovascular system and nervous system problems. The resin consumption is large, the production cost is high, and the production process is complex. Vacuum dry sand casting technology has the advantages of good surface quality, high precision, low pollution, low cost, and meeting the requirements of green and low-carbon economy. Architects can also work with foundries. Based on the idea of collaborative optimization, the design structure and casting structure of mechanical parts are considered as a whole, which not only reduces the weight of mechanical parts, improves the strength of the structure, but also optimizes the casting process and improvesLost-in-process production lineOverall casting quality.


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