Applicability of Lost-in-process Molding Production Line


at present,lost modelProduction lineEnterprises have become an indispensable industry in society. Its rapid development in recent years has brought a lot of convenience to automobile production and production applications of various enterprises. It fundamentally reduces the investment cost and production cost, saves the input and output time of the enterprise from all aspects, and improves the labor efficiency of the workers. Although lost foam casting is as widely used in manufacturing as other casting processes, it has its drawbacks and limitations. Not all castings are suitable for such production, according to the casting itself to analyze. We can consider whether to use this method from the following aspects:

The size of castings mainly considers the scope of application of corresponding equipment (such as tamping table and sand box).

The larger the batch of castings, the more considerable the economic and social benefits.

3. The more complex the casting structure, the more the advantages and economic benefits of lost foam casting can be realized. For the enterprise structure of the inner cavity channel and the interlayer is narrow, before the use of lost foam casting process design, we need to learn in advance for analysis and testing, in order to develop into a large number of production.

4. The casting materials with good applicability and poor applicability are roughly as follows: gray cast iron-non-ferrous alloy-ordinary carbon steel-ductile iron-low carbon steel and alloy steel.

When it is determined that all the castings satisfy the above production conditions, casting may be performed in accordance with the lost foam casting process. If the product is not suitable for this kind of production, it can be produced and processed according to the production method suitable for the product to achieve better results.

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