Concrete Implementation Scheme of Process Control Plan for Lost Form of Pump Shell

The control plan is mainly for the casting quality standards given by the customer and the production of the entire process control plan, all need to be based on the customer's product quality needs, according to the standard back to the various links need to carry out product quality control.

1. white area

White zone work first advanceBubble, and then the pre-production raw materials are filled into the molding machine for molding, and finally the intact white mold is sent to the drying room for drying, and the dried white mold can be prepared for coating after assembling the gating system.

For the parameter data of all products, technical department personnel are required to follow up and collect, and regularly revise and adjust until the technical parameters are adjusted to a reasonable range, and ensure that workers have a certain fault tolerance rate during operation, and will not affect the subsequent product quality.

1. Incoming inspection of raw materials

The quality inspection department shall fill in the foam bead feeding record sheet, which mainly includes the factory inspection of pre-sent raw materials and the quality tracking of each batch for the first time. Record the batch and number it.

Foam large plate feed, weighing large plate density.

2. Pre-machine operator self-inspection

The staff in the white area shall fill in the foam bead feeding record sheet for each material collection, pay attention to whether the advance raw material (EPS/STMMA) is within the shelf life, and give priority to the raw materials closer to the shelf life batch for each material collection.

White area staff fill in the white area pre-ripening record sheet. If the density of raw materials is too light each time, the pre-ripening raw materials will be mixed with dead particles, which will be directly scrapped and cleaned out, and cannot be sent to the ripening bin.

3. Self-inspection of molding machine operator

The molding machine operator checks whether the previous batch of advance raw materials is qualified and fills in the white area advance ripening record sheet.

The molding machine operator self-checks the finished products of the white mold and discards the unqualified products.

The molding machine operator sends the daily finished product into the drying room, fills in the white mold drying record sheet, and records the finished product number.

4. White module type

The staff in the white area cut the pouring system, combined the finished white mold with the pouring system, repaired the defects of the white mold, and put the assembled white mold into the area to be painted in the drying room.

2. yellow area

The main work of the yellow area is to paint the white mold with good group, and then push it into the drying room for drying. Ensure high enough temperature and sufficient humidity, and there should be enough air exchange in the drying room, which can be dried quickly when the white mold has just finished brushing the paint and the humidity is high.

1. Incoming inspection of paint

The quality inspection department needs to inspect the incoming paint in batches and fill in the paint incoming record form. In the later period, it needs to track the usage of each batch of paint, and it needs to conduct product investigation and tracking once every 15 days to prevent large quantities of waste products of the final castings due to forgotten, expired and product quality problems.

2. Coating and drying

Use the special paint for lost vanish mold to paint the white mold with good shape. Adjust the Baomei degree and painting times of the paint according to the paint thickness (1.2-1.8mm) we need. Generally, the painting times are controlled at 2-3 times and the Baomei degree is controlled at 60-70. For specific control methods, please refer to the coating and drying operation instruction and the yellow area process card. Among them, the control of paint Baomei belongs to the key control plan.

White mold drying, white area staff will be painted and initially drained yellow mold into the drying room and fill in the yellow mold drying record. Ensure sufficient drying time so that the yellow mold can be completely dried. The yellow moulds before the first brushing, the second brushing and pouring shall be stored separately and transported according to the principle of first-in, first-out. The control of sufficient drying time belongs to the key control plan.

3. Yellow mold transfer and white restoration

Yellow area operators must use transfer vehicles for yellow mold transfer to improve work efficiency and reduce yellow mold damage.

The operator in the yellow area checks whether the yellow mold that has reached the drying time in the drying room is completely dried and whether there is any white exposure, and then pushes the white-filled yellow mold into the transfer drying room to wait for the modeling pouring.

3. black area

1. Yellow mold transfer

The modeling staff entered the transfer drying room to check whether there were large white spots in the yellow mold, and picked out the unqualified yellow mold to wait for the yellow area staff to fill the white. Then the dried yellow mold is pushed to the modeling station by the transfer vehicle, and the transfer vehicle is lifted to the platform.

2. Box shape

The modeling operator shall first check whether the yellow mold is in good condition, and then carry out the box burying operation according to the box burying operation instruction. After burying the box, the casting type card shall be placed at the obvious position of the sand box.

The technical department shall adjust the specific parameters according to the actual product situation and supervise the execution of the modeling staff.

3. Box turning operation

Due to the shortcomings of high processing hardness and white mouth tendency of castings before, it is required to control the pouring and turning time and appropriately increase the temperature of molding sand.

From the completion of pouring to the operation of turning over the box, the casting should be kept in the sand box for 1.5 hours. It is forbidden to lift the castings directly from the sand box before the time is up. In order to increase the running time of castings, the sand-iron ratio of castings should be increased to improve the utilization rate of molding sand and the entire production line.

4. Normal production and maintenance of production line

The maintenance team needs to develop a maintenance plan and a regular maintenance plan for the equipment. For example, the bearing of the X-month X-day X-hoist has been in use for 1 month and needs to be disassembled and cleaned. The time is about 2 hours, and two people in the maintenance group are required to operate.

4. electric furnace

Electric furnace is the main production equipment in the production of lost foam, which has a certain degree of danger in production and use, and requires the staff on the furnace to have sufficient professional knowledge and certain emergency handling capabilities. In addition, electric furnace operators are required to check and supervise at any time, equipment maintenance personnel regularly maintain and maintain, and the technical department regularly conducts safety technical training for operators on the furnace.

1. Raw material ratio

The technical department proportioned the furnace charge and issued the furnace charge proportioning list.

The staff on the furnace shall make batching according to the proportion of the burden and carry out smelting operation. All raw materials must be weighed before adding to ensure precise control of the composition of the molten iron and reduce the number of tests.

2. Smelting control

The operators on the furnace should master the rapid smelting skills as soon as possible, and make production records of the molten iron coming out of each furnace, and fill in the smelting record sheet.

3. Material inspection

The laboratory samples the molten iron before it is discharged, and the chemical composition is qualified to allow the molten iron to be discharged.

5. shot blasting

1. Cutting the riser

You can refer to the cleaning operation instruction for polishing and cleaning. During the cleaning process, the operator should pay attention to the defects such as sand sticking, lack of meat and cold insulation on the surface of the casting. If there are a large number of these defects, the situation should be reported to the technical department in time.

2. Casting shot blasting

The sand sticking at the dead corner of the casting shall be solved by improving the process. Produced castings shall meet customer casting surface finish requirements.

6. casting factory

The quality inspection department shall carry out the appearance inspection of castings, the gold phase inspection, the mechanical performance inspection of castings, and approve the qualified castings to leave the factory (part of the inspection can be sampled in batches).

7. standardized management

The company should set up a technical department, quality inspection department, production department, inspection department.

Technical Department main work content:

1. Communicate customer technical requirements.

2. Optimize and improve the technical parameters and process flow of each product in the factory according to customer requirements.

3. To guide the operation of on-site workers and put forward standardization requirements.

Main work contents of quality inspection department:

1. Collect inspection reports and data, and analyze them. If data abnormalities are found, they should be corrected in time and fed back to the technical department.

2. Process statistics and inspection of daily work and production, and retain inspection contents to facilitate product backtracking to find links with quality problems.

3. Inspect incoming raw materials and outgoing products (some links can be sampled in batches).

The main work of the production department:

1. Reasonable arrangement of workers. Orderly production work.

2. According to the customer's requirements to make a production plan, the production plan should be in line with the objective actual production capacity.

3. Collect production data and make timely production allocation for abnormal links.

Main work contents of the inspection department:

1. Implement a weekly maintenance plan system, evaluate the operation status of the equipment every week, and formulate a maintenance plan for the existing equipment. The plan content should include ① normal maintenance work. ② Damage repair work. ③ Replacement work at the end of service life. ④ Maintenance date, time spent. (The maintenance time is arranged in the daytime as far as possible, which is convenient for material purchase and personnel deployment)

2. Timely discovery of existing equipment problems and regular observation of equipment operation

3. Overhaul the aging lines in the field.

4. Overhaul damaged equipment on site.

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