27 Reasons to Choose Lost Mode Technology

Production cost aspect

The metal mold used can be used repeatedly more than 100000 times, reducing the maintenance cost of the mold.

● Combined casting, multiple castings are combined into a whole casting, a box of multiple pieces, which greatly improves the process yield and production efficiency of castings.

The sand treatment system is greatly simplified, the sand can be fully reused, and the sand preparation department and the waste sand treatment department are canceled.

● Reduce dust, smoke and noise pollution, greatly improve the working environment of foundry workers, reduce labor intensity, the foundry industry from male workers to female workers, and thus reduce the investment cost of personnel wages.

High degree of automation, reduce labor.

The process operation is simplified, and the technical proficiency of the workers is greatly reduced.

● In dry sand combination pouring, sand removal is easy and the temperature is synchronized, so heat treatment can be carried out by using waste heat, especially the water blade treatment of high manganese steel castings and the solid solution treatment of heat-resistant steel castings. The effect is very ideal, which can save a lot of energy and shorten the processing cycle.

●It is easy to realize the production of mechanical automation assembly line, the production line is flexible, and the production of different alloys, different shapes and different sizes of castings can be realized on one production line.

● Simplify the factory design, the fixed investment can be reduced by 30 ~ 40%, the floor area and construction area can be reduced by 30 ~ 50%, and the power consumption can be reduced by 10 ~ 20%; the production cost is reduced.

Quality aspects of castings

● With the characteristics of precision casting, casting size, shape accuracy than ordinary castings.

● The surface finish of the casting is high, and the surface roughness can reach Ra3.2 to 12.5 μm.

● The casting has no flash burr, which reduces the cleaning and grinding workload by more than 50%.

● The machining allowance is up to 1.5 to 2mm, which reduces the weight of the casting.

● Greatly reduce the cost of machining, and compared with the traditional sand casting method, can reduce the amount of machining by 40% to 50%.

● Not in the box, not taking the mold, greatly simplifying the modeling process, eliminating the casting defects and waste caused by taking the mold, the box.

Process design aspect

● Lost foam casting process is widely used, suitable for cast steel, cast iron, cast copper, cast aluminum and other castings.

● The lost foam casting process is suitable for castings with simple geometric shapes, and more suitable for castings with multiple open edges, multiple cores and complex geometric shapes that are difficult to start with ordinary casting.

The lost foam casting process can realize the pouring under the micro-seismic state, promote the formation of the special requirements of the metallographic structure, and help to improve the internal quality of the casting.

● Abolish the sand core and core-making department, and eliminate the casting defects and waste products caused by core-making and core-laying.

● Using dry sand molding without binder, moisture, and without any additives to eradicate various casting defects and waste products caused by moisture, additives and binders.

The design is flexible, the shape of the parts is not limited by the traditional casting process, which provides sufficient freedom for the design of the casting structure, liberates the mechanical design workers, and can design the most ideal casting shape according to the performance of the parts, and can combine highly complex castings through foam plastic mold pieces.

● Can be set in the ideal position of a reasonable shape of the gate riser, not subject to parting, mold and other traditional factors, reducing the inherent defects of the casting.

● The draft angle can be canceled, and the gradual defects and waste products caused by casting material, shrinkage rate, friction coefficient and other factors can be eliminated.

Negative pressure pouring, more conducive to the liquid metal punching and feeding, improve the organization of the casting density.

● Falling sand is extremely easy, which greatly reduces the workload and labor intensity of falling sand.

● Composite casting is easier, and can realize the production of castings of different materials in different parts.

● It is more convenient to insert and note, and metal inserts can be placed in advance.

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