Chapter 2 White Area 2.4 Manipulator Making Module

White mold model is the soul of lost foam casting technology, lost foam technology, whether it is buried box mode, seismic effect, pouring speed, temperature, negative pressure, and even.SandSub-selection, the choice of mesh is to replace it with the parts of the material and shape we need,Just like this:

The status of molding machinery in lost foam casting technology is to shape the soul and shape the white model.
At present, the molding methods used in the field of lost foam casting include semi-automatic molding machine mechanical molding and manual molding at manual cutting table. In addition, there are rarely used foam plastic model engraving machines fully automatic molding. From this, it can be seen that the development of molding machinery is gradually moving from manual to automatic and from mechanical to intelligent.
Now let's get to know them separately. The first thing I want to talk about is the manual cutting table. Look at the photos..

2.4.1 Cutting table

It is mainly composed of cabinet body, longitudinal screw rod combination, transverse slide rod combination, voltage regulator, resistance wire and other spare partsThe picture below is the voltage regulator.

Adjust the heat generation of the resistance wire through the pressure regulator, adjust the height and angle of the resistance wire through the combination of the longitudinal screw rod and the combination of the horizontal sliding rod, and by adjusting different heights and angles, we can cut a relatively simple model shape,For example, rectangles, trapezoids, rhombuses and other regular shapes, let's take a look at the following two pictures. Let's analyze how we made these models

Now I am making this white model to let everyone have a preliminary understanding of the basic process of special-shaped parts on the model cutting table.

1) Part analysis. Let's take a look at the structure of this part, including a main body, two rings and a boss. We can easily make these parts separately through the model cutting table, and then bond them together to complete the production of the parts.

           2)systemMake a model aluminum plate, restore the main body size, ring size and boss size to the aluminum plate respectively, and cut the shape of each part with scissors.

3) blanking, adjust the adjusting handle on the longitudinal screw rod combination of the model cutting table, adjust the height between the resistance wire and the glass plate to the corresponding height, respectively blanking, and cut out the corresponding raw materials with the thickness of the main body, ring and boss.

   4)Fix the aluminum plate and blanking, fix the aluminum plate to the raw material with pins respectively, then adjust the height of the resistance wire, hold the model firmly with both hands, walk along the aluminum plate, and keep the speed uniform and stable. After cutting, take out the pins and take down the aluminum plate.

   5)Bonding, after each part is made, each part is bonded together by gel according to the size of the part, and the white mold cutting part is polished and smooth with sandpaper. A complete white mold model is completed.


We can also bend the resistance wire into different shapes to achieve a variety of model shapes,Let's take a look at the picture below,

On this model, there are depressions, arc surfaces and round grooves, which requires us to have more imagination and creativity. A small resistance wire in the same hand can change various shapes to complete such a model.The model cutting table is mainly used in the production of special parts and auxiliary parts that are difficult to be produced by automatic or semi-automatic molding machines in large and medium-sized lost foam casting enterprises.The production of simple models for small lost foam casting enterprises is the most widely used mold making machinery in the field of lost foam casting.

Next is a semi-automatic molding machine, which is divided into screw molding machine and hydraulic molding machine according to the transmission form. Please see the photo,

The molding machine is mainly composed of a frame, solid mold, mold shifting, steam, water bag, pneumatic and electric control system, feeding device, power device and mold. The upper and lower parts of the mold are combined into a model cavity through the lowering of the mold shifting. The feeding device injects the pre-ripened foam beads into the cavity and introduces steam. The foam beads are expanded again under the high temperature of the steam, so that the beads are bonded together without gaps, stop supplying steam, supplying cold water, cooling the model and mold, after all cooling, move the mold up, introduce compressed air, blow the model out of the mold cavity, and complete the molding at one time. The equipment has fast molding speed and simple operation,Semi-automated mode of operation, good model quality,Can produce more complex models and other advantages, in the lost foam casting enterprises have a wide range of applications, and has been praised by many customers.Let's look at two examples of the white mold model made by the molding mechanism:

toThe above two kinds of molding machines are the most commonly used molding machines in the existing lost foam casting enterprises. Almost all different models can be made through the above two kinds of machines. However, due to strict restrictions on steam boilers in some areas, some manufacturers have chosen another kind of molding machine, foam mold engraving machine. Let's take a look at this molding machine.

2.4.2 Foam engraving machine

Foam engraving machine is mainly composed of base, raw material clamping device, tool clamping device,X、Y,ZThe three-dimensional tool moving device, the three-direction whole-process signal feedback device and the control system are composed. After the programming program is input into the control system, the tool automatically cuts and carves the raw materials with accurate size and no need to dry the moisture and process in the model. However, the processing speed of the equipment is slow, the price is high, and it has not been widely used!

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