Plate chain hoist
  • Plate chain hoist

Plate chain hoist


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  • Product Description
  • ★ Product overview

    This hoist is code NE, namely plate chain hoist. The plate chain hoist is a new product developed by introducing foreign advanced technology. The series hoist is suitable for vertically conveying powdery, granular and block materials, and can also lift materials with high grinding ability. The material temperature generally exceeds 200 ℃, and the lifting height is up to 40m. Its main characteristics are: wide lifting range, large conveying capacity, low driving power, inflow feeding, gravity-induced unloading, long service life, high lifting height, good sealing, stable and reliable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, and compact structure, Good rigidity and low operating cost.

    ★ Product Structure

    The plate chain hoist is composed of running parts, driving device, upper device, middle casing, lower device, etc.

    1. Running parts: composed of hopper and sleeve roller chain, NE15 and NE30 adopt single row chain, NE50-NE800Adopt double row chain.

    2, drive device: the use of a variety of drive combination drive, (depending on the actual needs of users). The drive platform is equippedOverhaul racks and railings. There are two kinds of driving devices: left-mounted and right-mounted.

    3. Upper device: track (double-row chain), backstop and discharge port are equipped with anti-return rubber plate.

    4. Intermediate section: Part of the intermediate section is equipped with a track (double chain) to prevent the chain from swinging during operation.

    5. Lower device: an automatic tensioning device is installed.



    ★ Product performance and characteristics

    1. Various structural materials:

    Conveyor chain plate: 45# tempering hardness: 35 degrees;

    Pin shaft: 35Crm quenching hardness: 42 degrees;

    Sleeve: 40Cr quenching hardness: 48 degrees;

    Roller: GCr15 quenching hardness: 65 degrees;

    Hopper: manganese plate wear strip.

    2, good sealing, less environmental pollution.

    3, easy operation, maintenance, less wearing parts. 3. Low cost of use, due to energy saving and less maintenance, useThe cost is extremely low.

    ★ Equipment selection and technical parameters





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