Ring chain hoist
Ring chain hoist
  • Ring chain hoist
  • Ring chain hoist

Ring chain hoist


Key words:

  • Product Description
  • ★ Product overview

    The hoist code LT, namely ring chain bucket elevator, product specifications to bucket width said hoist performance, the basic parameters in line with the GB3826-85 "vertical bucket elevator type and basic parameters".

    ★ Product performance and characteristics

    1. Function: Improve the non-abrasion and non-abrasion of granular and small piecesSemi-abrasive materials.

    2. The chain has high temperature resistance, high yield strength and elasticityGood deformation, suitable for high temperature conditions.

    3, this product has the advantages of small size, easy installation, simple maintenanceSingle, low failure rate and other advantages.

    4. Connect with the dust removal system to enhance the overall systemDust removal effect.

    5. Including automatic detection and alarm device to improve the overall equipmentautomation control level.

     Product Structure

    Chain hoist is mainly composed of head, tail, middle section, ring chain, hopper, detection device, etc.

    ★ Equipment selection and technical parameters




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