• Product Description
  • ★ Product overview

    This equipment is used to collect sand. When the sand box is turned over and the sand falls, the molding sand enters the sand falling device from the sand falling hole of the upper sieve plate, and the casting is carried on the sieve plate. The equipment is divided into ordinary sand cooler and water cooler.

    ★ Product Structure

    Ordinary sand falling device is mainly composed of sieve plate and cone bucket.

    ★ Product Structure

    The water-cooled sand cooler is mainly composed of a common sand cooler and a water-cooled unit. The water-cooled unit is formed by staggered welding of seamless steel pipes, which can fully contact with the molding sand and quickly cool the molding sand.

    ★ Equipment selection and technical parameters


    Introducing the Water-cooled Sand Drop – a state-of-the-art cooling apparatus designed for optimal thermal management in high-performance environments. Engineered with a unique water-cooling system, this innovative product provides efficient heat dissipation, ensuring your devices operate at peak performance without overheating.

    The Water-cooled Sand Drop boasts a cutting-edge design that incorporates a closed-loop liquid cooling mechanism, which circulates coolant through a series of precisely crafted channels within the device. This circulation effectively draws heat away from critical components and dissipates it into the surrounding environment, maintaining a stable operating temperature.

    Equipped with a high-capacity sand drop reservoir, this system utilizes the natural properties of sand to enhance heat absorption and distribution. The sand drop acts as an additional heat sink, absorbing excess heat and releasing it through a carefully designed ventilation system.

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