Liu Xin-Minister of Technology
  • Liu Xin-Minister of Technology

Liu Xin-Minister of Technology

Zhao Qingzhen-Chairman and Chief Engineer


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  • Liu Xin-Minister of Technology


    Name Liu Xin Gender Male Date of birth April 1982 Ethnic Han
    Education level junior college Title Minister of Technology Title Intermediate Engineer
    Graduated from Xingtai Quartermaster Industrial College in 2004, Department of Electromechanical.
    At the beginning of 2004, I took part in the work and worked in the technical center of Xingtai Iron and Steel Company for two months. At the beginning of the work, I came into contact with the most formal, systematic and comprehensive mechanical design process. I also mastered the first-hand information on the site of equipment use and verified with my knowledge. It has laid a well-organized and demanding work style.
    2004-the end of 2008 in Hebei mechanical and electrical technical school teaching. During the teaching period, as the mechanical drawing, mechanical foundation, CNC machine tool programming and technology courses such as teaching.
    In November 2011, he joined Shijiazhuang Ruiou Lost Foam Casting Equipment Co., Ltd. After working in Ruiou Company for several years, I have experienced all technical related positions in the company. From equipment drawing, design, on-site installation, debugging to communication with customers, guidance, training, etc., I have contacted the company's products from all angles and aspects, and have become the most and most thorough person in the company. And its own solid mechanical expertise, so that there is enough personal ability to complete the project, good communication and coordination ability to ease the leadership of other staff to complete the work.
    At the same time, he is also the director of the technology department of our company's lost model research and development center, responsible for the overall work of the center. He has led his team to complete a number of independent intellectual property rights.

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