Technical analysis: lost foam process casting high wear resistance, high tensile, refractory alloy steel casting products

A customer in Hefei is one of the few alloy steel casting products in the lost foam industry in China. It mainly supplies rolling mill equipment manufacturers of well-known enterprises at home and abroad. It mainly produces high wear resistance, high tensile strength and refractory alloy steel products. Due to various reasons such as obsolete lost foam equipment, substandard environmental protection and low productivity, the customer adopts our company's complete set of equipment for upgrading.

1. product overview:

Guide wheel arm rolling mill equipment accessories

Material: ZG50cr weighs 25kg

180 box rolling mill equipment accessories

Material: ZG50CR weighs 40kg

2. white area

The products cast by customers are complex in structure and diverse in size, so they are molded by cutting and bonding white molds. In the bonding process, the bonding of the gate and riser, the hot melt adhesive bonding, the bonding part can not have a gap, to prevent the coating into the gap, resulting in slag defects after pouring.

As the size of the sand box on site is 1200mm * 1200mm * 1200mm, the pouring process is diversified according to different sizes of products, and the top of the product is mostly riser. The multi-mode one-time pouring method is adopted, with a direct runner of 40mm * 25mm, a cross runner of 40mm * 25mm and a cross gate of 40mm * 20mm.

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