Huludao, Xuzhou, Zambia customer orders loaded one after another

The breath of June pervades the city, and the heat sweeps over the city, while the busy Reo people do not feel the presence of heat. Packing, loading, with the fastest speed delivery to the customer site.

In June, we moved forward together, adding vitality to June with our efforts, and performing a happy song that we will never regret.

One-stop solution in the field of lost mode

In more than 20 years of development, Hebei ruiou lost foam technology co., ltd. has always been committed to "providing one-stop solutions in the field of lost foam", including ruiou white area equipment factory, ruiou black area equipment factory, ruiou mold factory, ruiou paint factory, ruiou foundry, as well as project design, research and development, and technical training of lost foam casting. the ultimate goal of these links is to help domestic and foreign customers to produce qualified castings in batch.


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