"Big Mac" in Lost Foam Casting Sand Box"


Sand box is the key equipment in the production of lost foam casting, lost foam casting sand box in the lost foam casting process is a very important part. The inner layer of the sand box for lost foam casting requires good air permeability and the outer layer requires good sealing. Special requirements make its structure very complicated, troublesome to make and slightly defective. After the sand box is put into production, it will lead to various casting problems. Therefore, the sand box is one of the key equipment in lost foam casting equipment.


Lost foam casting sand box can do much?

The customer produces large castings, but due to the on-site production conditions are not met (limited space, limited driving) and other reasons, the Swiss lost flow model technicians according to the customer's needs, designed a sand box with side leakage sand to meet the customer's production needs.

Xinjiang customers customized Ruiou lost vanishing mold side leakage sand box not only to meet the needs of production technology, but also to reduce workshop dust, optimize the workshop environment, protect the health of employees, and avoid collision damage of castings.


  One-stop solution in the field of lost mode

In more than 20 years of development, Hebei ruiou lost foam technology co., ltd. has always been committed to "providing one-stop solutions in the field of lost foam", including ruiou white area equipment factory, ruiou black area equipment factory, ruiou mold factory, ruiou paint factory, ruiou foundry, as well as project design, research and development, and technical training of lost foam casting. the ultimate goal of these links is to help domestic and foreign customers to produce qualified castings in batch.

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