Our company went to Russia to participate in the 29th Russian International Metallurgical Casting Steel Pipe and Wire Exhibition

With the continuous development of the global economy, hundreds of enterprises are striving to move forward on the road of pursuing international development. For our company, participating in international exhibitions is a very important opportunity. It is not only a good opportunity to expand the market and promote products, but also to exchange and learn from other industries and open up new partners.


In early November 2023, our company participated in the 29th Russian International Metallurgical Casting Steel Pipe and Wire Exhibition. This exhibition is an important event for the Russian metallurgical industry, attracting many exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Exhibitors will showcase the latest metallurgical, casting, pipe and wire production technologies, as well as various products and equipment.



As an enterprise with rich experience in the field of foundry equipment, our company has brought the latest research and development of high-tech to show our innovation ability and professional strength in the field of foundry equipment. Participating in this exhibition will enable our company to better demonstrate its core competitiveness and market influence.



Participating in international exhibitions is not only to showcase products and technologies, but also to exchange and learn with international counterparts and strengthen cooperation with global companies. During the exhibition, we had in-depth communication with experts, entrepreneurs and representatives of the Russian foundry industry to understand the local market demand and development trend. This will help us to better position and adjust the market strategy, looking for new cooperation opportunities and partners.



The exhibition is a complete success, is willing to work together with new and old customers to create a better tomorrow!



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