Henan Anyang 5000 Tons Manganese Steel Wear-resistant Parts Lost Wane Production Line Successfully Accepting

In December 2021, the installation of the lost foam casting production line of Anyang customer in southern China began. This production line is used for the production of manganese steel wear-resistant parts. The production line includes molding equipment, automatic operation system, sand treatment system, dust removal system and exhaust gas treatment equipment. Our company arranges the delivery step by step, installs in an orderly way, and cooperates closely with each other.


In early January 2022, Anyang epidemic hit, our company raced against time to grab the last car of equipment delivered the day before Anyang was closed to ensure the installation progress of customers.

The epidemic is separated from our enthusiasm for work, our company to complete the installation of equipment on time with quality and quantity, perfect delivery.

The acceptance has been completed and put into use. We have also been highly recognized and appreciated by our customers. Customers have repeatedly praised our equipment for its firmness and reliability, and our personnel are serious and responsible. Customer satisfaction with us and certainly is our biggest driving force!

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