Chapter III 3.2 Coating Mixing Equipment in Yellow Area

The function of the paint mixer is to mix a certain proportion of dry paint powder and water and other materials into a uniform machine that conforms to the use of the lost-vanity model,The performance of the coating directly affects the quality of the product. Apart from the factors of the ratio of the coating itself, the mixing degree of dry coating powder and water is an important factor affecting the performance of the coating. For example, the mixed coating contains bubbles, which will directly cause the molten iron to penetrate the coating layer through the bubble holes during the casting process and cause sand sticking. Therefore, the coating mixer plays a vital role in the production of lost foam.

The performance of the paint mixer depends on multiple factors, the main factors are: blade type, rotation speed, the relative relationship between the size of the barrel and the blade, etc., each of which can directly affect the mixing effect, so our existing mixer is mainly classified according to the blade type, rotation speed and other factors that have an important impact on the mixing effect. According to the blade type classification, the mixer is mainly divided: standard blade mixer, dispersion pan mixer, ribbon mixer, axial vortex mixer and other types, according to the speed is divided into: constant speed mixer, variable speed mixer, stepless speed mixer and so on.

Although there are various types of mixers, the ultimate goal is to produce coatings that meet the requirements of the production process, so the selection of mixers is very important. Here we will give a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of various paint mixers.

This is a picture of intelligent stepless speed mixer

Its main structure consists of six parts,1, mixing blades, 2, mixing shaft, 3, drive motor, 4, electric control device, 5, lifting device, 6, mixing barrel, its biggest feature is multi-parameter adjustable, this is a double-edged sword, the advantage is that you can stir a variety of coatings, the disadvantage is the difficulty of parameter collection.

The mixer through the electric control device will be stirring speed, stirring time, stirring blade lifting through the program setting, can achieve automatic mixing, according to a variety of different coatings, the use of replaceable blades, set different stirring procedures, and finally reached the fool-type operation. It is very convenient to use, but due to the characteristics of multi-parameter adjustable, according to different paint manufacturers and too many change factors, the data collection of blade type, size, fast and slow stirring time setting of paint stirring is very complicated, and the price is expensive, the one-time input cost is too high for enterprises requiring a large number of paints, and the difficulty of data collection of stirring procedures is even increased for enterprises requiring a variety of paints.

Constant speed mixer pictures as follows

Its main structure consists of five parts,1. Mixing blade, 2. Mixing shaft, 3. Drive motor, 4. Electric control device, 5. Mixing barrel. Its main feature is constant speed rotation and simple structure. Since the barrel diameter and speed of the mixer are unchanged, the difficulty of parameter acquisition is reduced, and the mixing effect is improved by changing the form and size of the blade.

As long as the blade selection is selected, the mixer can be directly started up and operated after adding water and dry powder. If the coating needs to be replaced, the corresponding blade needs to be selected for replacement. The mixer has a simple structure, easy maintenance, and relatively affordable price. The main disadvantage is that the mixing effect of some coatings is not very good.

This is a picture of a variable speed paint mixer. The main structure of the mixer consists of six parts,1, mixing blade, 2, mixing shaft, 3, drive motor, 4, electric control device, 5, lifting device, 6, mixing barrel, its characteristics and constant speed mixer similar, the main difference is variable speed, can be mixed paint type increased. You can try the speed of other gears without changing the blade to see if the mixing effect is good or bad.

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